One day we decided, enough was enough.

Enough of the marketing feeding on womens’ insecurities, enough of incredible women feeling like they have to be something else, enough of feeling like another woman’s beauty and talent diminishes our own.

We are all powerful, beautiful and intelligent - and it’s time we saw ourselves as that.

At Worthwild we believe that it is only through a place of empowerment, self-love and self-discovery that we can live the life we are meant to. The journey is challenging and never-ending, but it is bloody rewarding! That’s why we created an physical and online environment with tools, real talk, and events, where women can do it together.


It all started with community.


Meet Courtney, Courts to you lovelies. She is best known for her infectious laugh, wild mane of hair, and the mama of Body Love NZ – a movement that evolved into Worthwild

As a personal trainer by trade, she was surrounded by messages telling her that her body defined her worth. To be accepted and loved, she would need to be toned, tanned, and “beautiful” according to society’s ideals. This rigid concept of health, beauty, and a woman’s worth was so flawed and toxic – enough was enough. Working with amazing, unique women daily, who did not see the magic within themselves and were busting their ass and breaking themselves in order to reach others’ ideals, made Courts realise that something had to change.

She began focusing on mental health and self-compassion – using physical fitness as a vehicle to reach others, as opposed to the destination. This is where Body Love NZ began, a community built on strong values and positive friendships. 

Since its inception Body Love NZ has connected with thousands of women, removing limits, forging strong relationships, and growing self-love. Three years later and the movement has been on its own journey, shifting from solely loving the skin you’re in - to loving your entire being. 

It became about the freedom and strength that comes with removing your expectations and limits. It became about acknowledging our worth, and living wildly and purposefully.

And, so evolved – worthwild.