What is MOVE?

MOVE is a group exercise program for women. We want to support those who are looking to build a healthy mind and body, have fun, and feel comfortable in their environment. There is more to life than how fit you are which is why we incorporate self-development, adventures, and hang-outs outside of the weekly workouts.

How fit do you have to be?

You could literally not know what a squat is and still be fine to come along. We pride ourselves in being able to cater to those who are nervous, new, injured, and/or less-coordinated. We provide multiple options within the workout so you can choose options that work for you as an individual and don’t leave you feeling like you’ve got such a long way to go. For us, it’s not about being the best and getting to a destination as fast as possible, it’s about respecting and listening to our bodies and choosing to move each day because simply because it’s good for us!

MY SCHEDULE IS UNPREDICTABLE, what if i can’t make the same session every week?

We are all about flexibility and creating positive habits here. We’ve removed the groups which means you can come to any sessions at any location when it works for you. Change it up every week if you like and get to know the whole community! Also, if you choose to do one or two days a week, there might be weeks where you can’t make it at all, no problemo! Just come twice or three times the following week.


Run in a 6 week block, you can either choose 1, 2, or 3 day per week options. Along with the group workouts you will also have access to our private online community, where we organise hikes, sweat dates, and adventures to do with each other. A perfect place to grow and strengthen new friendships with the added bonus of trying something new and beneficial for your body and soul.

Are there payment options?

Full payment is preferable but if money is the only thing that’s blocking you, we can definitely arrange something! The best way to go about this is to send an e-mail to hello@worthwild.co.nz asking for payment options and we can go from there.

I’m a teacher in Porirua (currently overseas for a year!) and I love my job but found it was taking over and I didn’t have any kind of balance. I had seen Worthwild on Facebook as other friends had been part of it and I liked what I saw about a more holistic approach to health/fitness/life.⁣

I took myself (alone) to the first session. I was a bit nervous and absolutely had my “armour” on that night. I very quickly saw I didn’t need it though, Courts and the rest of the group immediately made me feel so welcome and I could tell right away it was a safe place and I could just “be” and create some time for myself. I very quickly started to look forward to the workout sessions each week. I also took part in some of the social events and got to meet more of the beautiful community.⁣⁣⁣
Move is different because she holds space for everyone to turn up and be the best they can be in these sessions. She doesn’t yell or use exercise as punishments or criticise, EVER! That was something I was worried about from other gyms/groups I’ve done. Move couldn’t be more different! We warm up with games, music and a load of laughter and then suddenly the workout is done, your body feels so good and your mind is in such a better space.⁣⁣⁣
What I love about Move is that Courts so understands the importance and power of both the body and the mind. Through Move I was introduced to gratitudes, intentions and incredible teachers like Brené Brown which has not only kept me coming back for more workouts but has also opened up a whole lot of self discovery too. I also discovered how clever my body is and that I could in fact do press ups!
— Worthwild member, Lyndsay Patten