11 Things I Know Now More Than Ever


In 2014, '15, and '16 I had an abundance of external success. Awards, business growth, travel, new friends, the works. 2017, still amongst many joys, I experienced some defining lows. I knew they were coming. I knew that in order for me to level up, for me to continue helping others, to write new chapters, to be more compassionate, I needed to be shaken.

So I'm grateful for the experiences and the hardships, but just because we’ve moved from 2017 to 2018 does not mean I have magically grown, learnt all my lessons, and let go of the pain. It does, however, offer a time of reflection. To look back on the past 365 days and evaluate where I’ve been and where I’m going. It’s a time for me to look at what I’ve learnt and how I can use that knowledge to move forward and not stay stuck in the past. So here are a few things I know now more than ever.

  1. I know now more than ever that the way I feel about myself has a direct correlation with everything. Relationships, friendships, wealth, health, everything. Trying to grow love, money, and abundance without working on ourselves is like planting a seed but not watering or caring for the foundation and still expecting it to grow.

  2. I know now more than ever that life is a balance between taking responsibility and choosing not to blame everyone else for where you are, but also knowing your worth, communicating what you deserve, and being strong enough to walk away when you aren’t being heard or valued.

  3. I know now more than ever that hurt people, hurt people. That if we knew everybody’s stories we would be a lot kinder and forgiving towards each other.

  4. I know now more than ever that compassion and vulnerability are two of the strongest qualities one can possess.

  5. I know now more than ever that I am far from perfect, but to shine a light on that and be okay with that, helps people far more than “success” does.

  6. I know now more than ever that both a miracle or a tragedy can be just around the corner, and rather than greeting it with resistance or fear we should attempt to meet it with gratitude and acceptance as if we had chosen this path ourselves.

  7. I know now more than ever that people can only offer advice and opinions based on their own experiences, and if those experiences are negative, then you can expect advice similar. Talk to those who are where you wish to go, listen to those who are open-hearted and minded, and who are supportive of your success.

  8. I know now more than ever that I’m the only one that has to live my life and so I should make it a life I’M proud and content with, not what society or friends or family might think I should want/need.

  9. I know now more than ever that I am incredibly lucky to even be on this planet, let alone live in a country like NZ, and that I should never go a day without appreciating my body, my environment, and my life.

  10. I know now more than ever that busy isn’t always a good thing and that glorifying busy is ego-fuelled and stress inducing. When people ask what's new with you or what you've been up to, it’s okay to reply with “not much thanks, just relaxing and enjoying myself”.

  11. I know now more than ever that decisions made from love, rather than fear, will always lead me in the right destination.

This year I will make my own type of resolutions and intentions, in my own way, based on my own standards. I choose not to share them but to chip away quietly and lovingly at them. This year, this week, this day will always be what I make of it.

Happy New Years, and thank-you for reading.

With love,

Courtney Durr