We move because it's good for our bodies, not because there's anything wrong with our bodies.


So what are Worthwild Bootcamps?

Worthwild Bootcamps want to support women who are looking to build a healthy mind and body, have fun and feel comfortable in their environment. At bootcamp it's not ALL about getting fit, we also like to try new things, meet new people and have a laugh while we're at it!

What if I'm not fit enough?

It's not about being the fittest or the strongest, it's about respecting and moving your body. Everybody has to start somewhere and for the majority of women that come along, they didn't start out super fit - just brave. The workouts can be tough but we will always cater to anyone struggling or injured, we understand how it feels to come last or feel like you're not doing something right so we do our very best to support you in feeling comfortable. 

Bootcamps are not for me..

Don't be put off by the word bootcamp and what you think it means. I can assure you there's no yelling or strict rules. Bootcamp is just another term for group training. If you’re still unsure, sign up for a free trial.

what's included?

Run in 6 week blocks, you can either choose 1 or 2 day per week options (or a casual pass and come when it suits you). Along with the group workouts you also have access to our private online community, where we organise hikes, sweat dates, and adventures to do with each other. A perfect place to grow and strengthen new friendships with the added bonus of trying something new and beneficial for your body and soul.


Register now for the second round of Bootcamp starting on the 25th February.

Price for twice a week for six weeks is $169 (sign up before the 10th of Feb for $20 off).
Price for once a week for six weeks is $99 (sign up before the 10th of Feb for $10 off).

Block 2: 25th Feb - 4th April (Registrations open)
Block 3: 8th April - 16th May (Registrations not available)
Block 4: 20th May - 27th June (Registrations not available)

CBD Early Birds: 6-7am M + W
TAWA (very suitable for beginners): 6-7pm M + W
CBD LUNCHTIME: 12:10pm-1pm T + Th
CBD BEGINNERS: 5:15-6:15pm T + Th
CBD ORIGINAL: 6:15-7:15pm T + Th

Any questions or don’t get back to work until the following week, e-mail me at hello@worthwild.co.nz

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