Virtual group coaching


Life is better with quality friends, purpose, and fun. This 6-week programme will offer you that and then some! With the small group coaching, you get to meet women outside of the circles you’re used to, dive into limiting beliefs and negative habits, learn more about who you are and who you want to be, talk about the real shit, forget perfection, and have a damn good time!

What it isn’t:

–       An alternative to therapy. We’re big advocates of counselling! So do that if you feel it’s right for you (and do this if you’re all about the self-love gains).
–       A strict, guilt-ridden, “my way or the highway” approach.
–      Close-minded or exclusive.
–      A teacher/student mentality. I am not the guru, and you are not mere peasants who may be so lucky to soak in all of my wisdom. We all on this journey together y’all, learning, teaching, learning, teaching.
- Full “woo woo”. We speak from real experience and we talk about practical and result-driven tools that can help you in this day and age (with magic and abundance and love sprinkled into the language and sessions).

What it is:

–       A rad, down to earth environment where we take off the masks that we think we need to wear in everyday life and actually talk about the real shit that’s going on in our lives (myself included).
–       A place where imperfection, mistakes, failures are expected and celebrated.
–       A chance to try new things with new people.
–       A start. After the six weeks you will not be magically healed or know exactly who you are, but you will have hope, connections, and courage to continue.

What’s involved:

–       6 hour sessions running every week via Zoom (time/date dependent on the group, usually a weekend day)
–       E-mail support and access to the online community.
–       Online Workbook (priced at $39 individually).
–       Book and podcast recommendations based on what you need.
– Post-session Actionable Tasks (the real work will be done outside of the calls)


Start date: Next group starting on the 8th April-19th May (registrations open)
Group size: Up to 8 women
Price: $249 in full or 3 split payments of $99

weekly Themes:

– Week 1, Intention and Value Setting:

Most people don’t bother setting goals because having to articulate exactly what they want seems impossible and the thought of failure is too hard. Within this week I will teach you the art of reflection, the power in clarifying what’s important to you, and the magic in knowing how you want to feel. Forget SMART goals, forget the shoulds, this is the new way to go after your dreams.

– Week 2, Conditioned Thinking (aka fears, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts):

This will be the hardest but most critical theme of them all. This is where we explore where the negative thinking comes from, why it’s happening, and how to deal with it so you can get out of your own way and accept love in to your life. (You're all about to see just how often those thoughts happen for everyone and how UN-alone you are).

– Week 3, Physical Health:

Move and Fuel. Exploring our relationship with food and exercise, comparing ourselves to others and to what we used to be able to do, body image, and motivation. No workout or nutrition plans will be involved, but learning how to create one and who to go to if you need help will be involved.

– Week 4, Forgiveness:

This week we learn about forgiveness towards others and ourselves. We learn how withholding it is like drinking poison, how to forgive someone and we talk about active daily ways to constantly forgive and let go.

– Week 5, Connection:

This is all about finding the people who light up your life. We talk about friendships, relationships, and community. We discuss masks, boundary setting, and love. This is a theme that I have had most personal experience, hardship, and joy with recently, and I will share with you all my learnings.

– Week 6, Identity + Habit Shaping:

We always live up to our identity and our identity is simply the way we view ourselves. “I’m a fitness freak”, “I’m not a morning person”, “I’m super organised”, “I’m uncoordinated”, etc etc. The way we think and speak about ourselves is what we will either live up to or down to. If you don’t think you’re good with money, then it doesn’t matter how much money you earn, you’ll eventually (and subconsciously) find a way to lose it and return to a state you’re familiar with. During this week we talk about our current state and then from there, we design a desired state. I will help you to work out the steps you need to take and the habits you need to create to move closer to your desired state.


I’ve just been at the positive education conference and everything that’s been said about wellbeing and building positive mental health strategies is so similar to what we have covered in the VGC program. It has opened my eyes up to the values that I hold, the conditioned blueprint and narratives that might be harmful to my own journey and the need to open that awareness and kindness up to the young people I work with in order to help them enhance their best selves.

You are truly an inspiration. The vulnerability, honesty and bravery has liberated me to do the work and be the same leading inspiration in the community, so thank you so much! I can’t wait for another opportunity perhaps in a few months to learn even more.