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A guide back to yourself.

There are plenty of workout guides and nutrition guides to help improve physically, but guides for our mental and emotional wellness? Yeah, not quite as accessible.

All that is about to change.

Worth Workbook is 60+ page ebook that acts as a guide to gently help you accept your magic self, dive deeper into who you are, and to conquer those fears and limiting beliefs.

Part 1: Self Acceptance – Teaching ourselves that it’s okay to love who we are, exactly how we are. No matter our mistakes, failures, perceived flaws, we are still worthy of love.

Part 2: Self-Discovery – What are the negative patterns and beliefs we live by every day? Where did they stem from? How can we diffuse them and create a more empowering set of beliefs and values?

Filled with readings, in-depth questions, actionable and realistic steps, self-discovery never seemed more fun and do-able!

It’s time to put as much importance and time on working in, as what we do on working out.